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Andrea Marzilli

Music Pruduction

His musical journey began at the age of 15 with the study of music theory, discovering the interaction between harmony and melody through classical instruments such as guitar and piano. 

He studied with some of Italy’s leading musicians, such as Simone Gianlorenzi and Bruno Marinucci (guitar), Feliciano Zacchia and Edoardo Simeone (piano and music theory) and many others.

After several years dedicated to the study and research of written and played music, he felt the need to explore the meaning of the interaction between the human being and any natural or artificial element that can produce sound. 

He completed an in-depth course on Ableton Live with his mentor, Edoardo Pietrogrande, who introduced him to the world of electronic music and sound design.

He then chose to pursue a path in Music Production at Sonus Factory in Rome, where he graduated, delving into sound wave behavior, room acoustics and recording techniques. 

The discovery of synthesizers marked a profound change in his way of conceiving music: the careful analysis of the particular characteristics of each audible sound led him to study every type of synthesis (and non-synthesis), so as to be able to electronically reproduce the sounds of nature.

Since 2018 he has been one of the two producers of the electronic music duo RIVE, with whom he has released three singles, “Primavera” for the American label PRGRSNN Records, “4.40” and “Two Forests” for the Italian label FestinaLente Dischi.

He wrote, composed and co-produced three singles for the electronic pop-rock group “The Air Society” and now he is producing various artists from the Italian and international music scene. He has also done several works as a freelance sound designer, such as the “Dispositivi della Memoria” soundtrack for Elisa Selli / Venice Biennale and “Birth” for AI World Building Contest. 

Since 2021, he has conceived his eponymous music project, in which he expresses his passion for sound design and concrete music through the creation of arrangements and compositions peculiar to ambient electronic music.




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